IIoT / Smart Manufacturing / Digitalization

Are manufacturing employees ready for the impact of Industry 4.0?

By Vinay Nathan for Forbes

Nov 06, 2019

Digital transformation has made its way into the manufacturing industry, but are employees truly prepared for the changes in their daily work life? Industry 4.0 takes over where Industry 3.0 left off. Whereas the third wave brought computerization to the manufacturing floor, we’ve now moved on to machine learning, AI and data-driven smart devices across the entire plant. Expectations are that Industry 4.0 will streamline the manufacturing and supply chain process, making it more efficient and productive while eliminating waste and downtime. It’s an exciting new world for industrials.

As this high level of automation and smart technology make its way into the factory, what is the impact IIoT will have on people on the shop floor? The same way that edge machines need to be updated and outfitted with sensors and monitored, employees need to learn how to reshape some of their activities. This is more than workers being replaced by robots and machines. There is always going to be a need for employees in manufacturing, but they risk being overwhelmed by the technology, making it more difficult to follow through on their tasks effectively.

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