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Analyst: Big data can help airlines cut costs by $10 billion by reducing unplanned downtime

By Henry Canaday, for MRO Network

Dec 02, 2019

How much could data analytics really reduce airline costs, especially MRO costs? Diogenis Papiomytis, global director of Frost & Sullivan, summarized the results of his company’s recent study of this question.

The world’s carriers currently have about $74 billion in annual inefficiencies spread across technical operations, flight operations and network operations, the F&S exec estimates. Network operations account for the largest share of excess spending or revenue losses, about $36 billion. Technical operations, or MRO, comes second with about $26 billion in waste.

Airlines now generate about 13 thousand petabytes of data, yet only about 1.5% of this data is currently recorded and analyzed, Papiomytis estimates.

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