ABB to provide predictive maintenance technology to Illinois energy grid

By Matthew Greenwood, for

Jan 28, 2019

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Ameren Illinois, an electricity and natural gas utility that serves about three quarters of the state of Illinois, has chosen ABB to deliver predictive maintenance solutions as part of its multi-million dollar initiative to modernize its energy delivery infrastructure.

“We are investing significant resources to modernize the grid, improve reliability and deliver value for our customers,” said Ron Pate, Ameren Illinois’ Senior Vice President, Operations and Technical Services.

ABB’s Ability Ellipse Asset Performance Management (APM) software will help the energy company to more accurately predict and prevent equipment and infrastructure failures across a power delivery system that features 4,500 miles of transmission lines and 46,000 miles of distribution lines—and 1.2 million customers.

Using AI and machine learning, the Ability Ellipse APM uses sensors, data and advanced analytics to constantly assess the real-time condition of assets, identifying when they might need repair or replacement well ahead of potential failure. With this information, Ameren Illinois can prioritize repairs and maintenance work—increasing worker safety and productivity, safety and return on investment from its assets.

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