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5 ways to celebrate Manufacturing Day

By Lindsay Gilder for Thomas

Sep 04, 2019

The first official National Manufacturing day was held in 2012 and has grown over 1,000% in popularity since. The event serves as a great opportunity to educate youth and future members of the workforce about all the opportunities available in industry and STEAM.

As a result of the relatively new holiday, the public perception of careers in manufacturing has changed dramatically; students who attended Manufacturing Day events in the past are reportedly 64% more motivated to pursue careers in the field, which is a huge step towards closing the rising skills gap in the industry.

If you're not sure about the best way to showcase your company for National Manufacturing Day, here are some ways to spread the word around your community.

To learn more, read "5 Events Your Company Can Organize for National Manufacturing Day" from Thomas.

 Looking for something fun to do on Manufacturing day? The Influential Women in Manufacturing team is proud to announce our 2019 Awards luncheon will take place on Manufacturing Day 2019 (Friday, October 4). Our luncheon will be held at MxD, in Chicago. After a keynote address, panel discussion, and award ceremony, all visitors to the luncheon will be able to take a tour of the MxD facility. Register for the event

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