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5 ways robots are benefiting manufacturing companies

By Naveen Joshi for Forbes

Aug 12, 2019

Over the last few years, automation has gained immense popularity in various industries. And the manufacturing industry sits on the cutting edge of automation technology, ahead of other industries. With automation, manufacturing companies have revolutionized the way activities were once performed. With autonomous systems coming into the picture, human participation and involvement have reduced significantly. As a result, work gets done faster and more importantly, with greater precision.

Though automation changes the nature of employment, it has brought in huge profit opportunities to the manufacturing industry. One of the most extensively used types of automation machines is the collaborative robot. Robots programmed to operate 24x7 in most any situation to help manufacturing companies achieve greater productivity, higher throughput and greater revenue gains. Besides, robots in manufacturing now have the cognitive abilities to take decisions independently. As the underlying technologies mature, collaborative robots in manufacturing can be made more versatile to take up more creative tasks. Let’s now take a look at how robots are benefiting manufacturing companies with their tireless work capabilities.

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