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3 ways Congress can help small manufacturers

By David Ohrenstein for IndustryWeek

Sep 12, 2019

With Congress now back in session after its August recess, funding the government for the next fiscal year is an urgent priority. This is an important opportunity to strengthen proven federal programs that help small manufacturers prepare for the future.

New technologies like generative design, additive manufacturing (3D printing), AI and robotics are radically changing the industry. These technologies are breaking down walls that have long existed between digital design and the physical manufacturing process, allowing for faster and more cost-effective development and fabrication of innovative products. We need to ensure that these revolutions in digital manufacturing are accessible to product design and manufacturing firms of all sizes.

Here are three actions Congress can take today to prepare small manufacturers for the future of digital manufacturing.

To learn more, read "3 Actions Congress Can Take Now to Help Small Manufacturers" from IndustryWeek.

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