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150,000 workers affected by the GM strike

By Lisa Schencker for the Chicago Tribune

Oct 15, 2019

Companies in Illinois and across the country that supply parts to General Motors are increasingly feeling the pressure of the month-old strike against the automaker by the United Auto Workers.

Some 49,000 UAW members walked off their jobs after the four-year contract expired Sept. 16. As of last week, more than 120 companies that are GM suppliers had temporarily laid off nearly 17,000 workers, according to the Original Equipment Suppliers Association.

“At this point, the strike is affecting the entire automotive supply chain,” said Brian Peterson, director of public policy and economic analysis at consulting firm Anderson Economic Group in Chicago. Many suppliers have temporarily laid off workers or cut their hours, he said.

To learn more, read "Illinois GM suppliers are feeling the pressure as strike stretches into second month" from the Chicago Tribune.

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