Walmart and Hershey make manufacturing jobs a priority by investing in supply chain

By Store Decisions

Oct 25, 2018

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Senior executives from Walmart and The Hershey Co. came together to celebrate a shared commitment to increase U.S. manufacturing jobs. The event comes in the week leading up to the busiest day at U.S. retail for candy sales.

During the previous year, Hershey invested more than $150 million in U.S. supply chain advancements that resulted in 350 new jobs across Hershey manufacturing and its suppliers. This type of expansion is possible because of strong retail partnerships. Walmart’s $250 billion commitment to buy products supporting American jobs by 2023 is a significant contributor, enabling U.S. manufacturers to accelerate growth.

The U.S. supply chain employs 44 million people, representing 37% of all jobs. These jobs account for much of the innovative activity in the economy1. As part of Hershey’s growth ambition, it is focused on expanding its manufacturing capabilities and capacity through its U.S. supply chain.

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