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The U.S. Army goes for predictive maintenance

By WHNT-TV (Hutsville, AL)

Nov 09, 2018

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"Predictive maintenance allows us to get ahead of equipment failures," said Col. John Kuenzli at the Army Materiel Command.  Kuenzli is the Army's Predictive Maintenance Project Lead.

Predictive maintenance would take performance and maintenance data from the last 10-to-20 years on just about every vital component of every vehicle or weapons system.  The data would be used to predict when a failure might happen. That's information that would be vital to someone like a tank commander.

"He can tell before the mission, which tank is probably not going to make the mission or be at risk of mechanical failure," said Col. Kuenzli.

Certainly, the capability will help Army readiness, but it will do something else too.

"We're talking about an effort that saves money in the billions annually. That's the potential here," said Col. Kuenzli.

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