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Tesla loses senior engineer, director of manufacturing

By Fred Lambert, for Electrek

Jan 22, 2018

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As Tesla is working to ramp up Model 3 production after delaying its 5,000 units per week target by ~6 months, we now learn that the company lost two manufacturing engineers, including a 12-year veteran at the company.

Jalopnik reported that both Jason Mendez, senior director for manufacturing engineering, and Will McColl, senior manager for equipment engineering, both left the automaker in recent weeks.

Mendez has been with Tesla since 2005 – making him one of its most senior engineers.

He held several different positions at the company – first in battery engineering where he contributed to making Tesla’s first battery pack prototypes and he later became an executive in Tesla’s manufacturing team.

The engineer was also a key part of the effort to bring back Tesla’s battery pack manufacturing from Asia to California in 2008-2009.

In their report, Jalopnik didn’t offer any detail on his departure from Tesla, but they linked it to Model 3 production. Tesla didn’t comment on the report.

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