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Study: Digital divide exists between IIoT promise and practice

By Rob Spiegel, for Design News

Jan 23, 2018

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GE Digital has released research that highlights a gap between the executive outlook for digital transformation and the actual initiatives companies are putting in place. GE’s survey of IT and OT leaders found that while companies see the Industrial IoT as presenting significant opportunities for growth and competitiveness, the vast majority of companies are not yet taking actions to implement this technology.

According to the study, optimism for the potential of the Industrial Internet runs high. More than 80% believe the IIoT will or could transform their companies and industries. Even more consider digital industrial transformation to be important to their competitiveness. At the same time, only 8% say digital transformation is ingrained in their businesses, and 10% do not have a digital transformation plan in place at all.

When asked whether digital transformation is critical to growth and competitiveness, 86% said yes, with 76% rating the ability to provide higher quality services as the foremost outcome of digital industrial transformation. IT and OT leaders cited connectivity (63%) and industrial applications (58%) as the primary technologies required for digital transformation.

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