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Robots persuade Japanese manufacturers to bring production home

By Nikkei Asian Review

Feb 08, 2018

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Japanese manufacturers that spent decades expanding their footprints in Asia and beyond are bringing production back home, with the help of robotics and artificial intelligence.

The latest example is Casio Computer. The company is automating operations at a factory in northern Japan to cut costs and produce more of its inexpensive wristwatches domestically, reflecting a growing "reshoring" trend even for low-value-added manufacturing.

Casio's move follows Honda Motor, which will shift production of its mainstay Super Cub motorcycle from China to its Kumamoto Factory; Canon, which will build a new digital camera plant in Miyazaki Prefecture to bring back production from Asian locations; and Pioneer, which has moved production of car navigation systems destined for the Japanese market from a Thai plant to Aomori Prefecture.

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