Preventive Maintenance

Reservists fill temporary crucial gap in maintenance manpower

By Sgt. 1st Class Matt Scotten, Personnel Force Innovation Public Affairs

Mar 01, 2018

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Last fall, the 561st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron (AMXS) saw their F-15 production lines fall behind. They decided that addressing the backlog required more personnel than their on-board civilian technicians alone, but they needed a solution that would allow them to bring additional maintenance personnel to the table quickly, and on an as-needed basis only.

Enter Personnel Force Innovation (PFI), an Under Secretary of Defense initiative designed help agencies with Defense Working Capital funds find Reserve Component service members interested in working on Title 10 orders to fill non-permanent staffing needs. After the 561st AMXS reached out to PFI for assistance, PFI immediately began reaching out to Air Force Reserve and National Guard personnel with aircraft maintenance experience to help the unit address their manpower needs and get aircraft back in the air as quickly as possible.

"Our 'work-in-progress' was more than we liked it to be; about two times more than we wanted it to be, so we had a back-log here at our functional test area, which is where we induct the airplanes into the machine here at Robins AFB," said J.C. Middleton, unit guard and reserve coordinator for the AMXS. "Because the work was temporary, and the process to bring on more traditional personnel is so lengthy, it was much more efficient for us to use PFI to recruit military personnel to come here and help us out."

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