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Predictive maintenance, IIoT help gas company save millions

By Jonny Williamson, for The Manufacturer

Jan 26, 2018

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In July 2016, TransCanada acquired Columbia Pipeline Group, creating one of the largest natural gas transmission companies in North America overseeing almost 57,000 miles of pipelines.

However, operating and maintaining such an expansive, often remote network creates numerous challenges. To leverage greater insight from digital technologies, the business partnered with global fault tolerant computer servers and software company, Stratus Technologies, to upgrade its entire automation and turbine network.

“For every 100-150 miles of pipeline, TransCanada has a compression station where the gas is compressed to more than 1,000psi. Should one of those stations fail, the impact could be extremely detrimental to the business," said John Fryer, senior director of industry solutions at Stratus. “Since the upgrade, data is now being collected from every turbine, pump and compression station, and fed back to a centralised control room. The data is then integrated and analysed using GE’s Predix to identify trends and enable predictive maintenance to be carried out.”

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