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Perspective: Robots: The automation juggernaut that manufacturers need

By Jim Lawton, Rethink Robotics, for Forbes

May 16, 2018

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I work for a robotics company. I’m sure you can imagine the rush that comes when the latest predictions about the growth of the market peg the opportunity on the fast-track to exponential growth. After all, it’s how I make my living.

For collaborative robots (cobots), the news seems to be all good. Last fall, a report crossed my desk touting CAGR of 57+ %, resulting in a market size of $4+ billion by 2023; another reported that 150,000 cobots would be deployed worldwide by 2020. Reading these, it’s easy to understand how one might get swept up in the head-spinning optimism. Not me, though. If there’s one I’ve learned in my career in the world of disruptive technology, it’s beware the hype.

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