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Perspective: Focus on advanced manufacturing

By Parker Thomas, City of Fremont, for U.S. News and World Report

Mar 27, 2018

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Every company grapples with the challenge of recruiting talent. But the need is especially dire in advanced manufacturing.

In Fremont, California, there are more than 900 manufacturers – including big names like Tesla Motors, SolarCity and KUKA Robotics – offering more than 26,000 manufacturing jobs in the city, accounting for 25 percent of the workforce. Naturally, keeping the human resource pipeline flowing is a big concern for many of the manufacturing owners and CEOs. Katie Hui, director of human resources at AsteelFlash Americas, said, "Filling our entry-level operator and technician jobs is the single biggest challenge we face today."

Advanced manufacturing calls for a highly specialized talent pool, and the responsibility for developing that talent can't fall to a single sector. It takes an orchestrated effort from local government, educators, organizations outside the school district, industry insiders and community members to spark interest in and prepare kids for a career in the advanced manufacturing field.

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