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Nissan's Carlos Ghosn: From auto industry icon to scandal

By the Associated Press via the Kansas City Star

Nov 26, 2018

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A trailblazer and visionary in the auto industry, Carlos Ghosn is also a highflyer prone to excesses that may have helped bring on his surprise downfall as head of the world's best-selling auto group.

Ghosn turned around France's Renault SA and then Japan's Nissan Motor Co., eventually linking them in an alliance with Mitsubishi Motor Corp. Ghosn, 64, was arrested on Nov. 19 in Japan for allegedly falsifying his financial reports and misusing funds at Nissan. Last week Nissan's board unanimously voted to end his 19-year reign as chairman. Mitsubishi Motors' board fired Ghosn on Monday, also by a unanimous decision. 

Ghosn is admired in Japan for bringing Nissan back from the brink of bankruptcy but feared for his "cost killer" ways. He started out at Nissan by axing thousands of jobs and closing plants in a country loath to give up lifetime employment.

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