Supply Chain Management / Changing Workforce

How Trump's tariffs on Mexico are taking jobs from U.S. workers

By the Washington Post

Jul 19, 2018

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When a Mexican company bought Mid Continent Nail Corp. in 2012, workers at the factory in Poplar Bluff, MO, feared it was the beginning of the end. Their jobs, they suspected, would be given to lower-paid workers in Mexico, more casualties of the hollowing out of U.S. manufacturing driven in part by an embrace of global trade.

Instead, Mid Continent’s factory has doubled in size since Deacero’s purchase. The company, facing fewer restrictions on steel exports after the North American Free Trade Agreement, shipped steel into Missouri.

But President Trump's 25% tariffs on steel imports are prompting Deacero to reconsider this arrangement. Company officials say that without relief, the Missouri plant could be out of business by Labor Day.

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