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How Germany wins at manufacturing, for now


Jan 05, 2018

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The United States needs to create more manufacturing jobs: That has been a constant refrain of President Trump and was one of the goals of the corporate tax cut recently passed by Congress and signed into law. The loss of manufacturing jobs has been a problem for many countries, especially the U.S. It played a big role in Trump's election.

Germany, however, continues to maintain manufacturing as a large share of its economy. It makes up nearly a quarter of the German economy, about twice the share that manufacturing has in the U.S. economy.

Yvonne Schmittenberg, CEO of auto parts maker Schmittenberg, has some advice: Pay attention to your workforce. Don't presume every kid should go to college. Get them interested in making things.

"I think this so important to keep the youngsters interested in manufacturing," the CEO says. 

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