Smart Manufacturing / IIoT

Happy IoT Day to Industry 4.0

By Ken Briodagh, for IoT Evolution

Apr 09, 2018

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The IIoT is where much of the innovation happens for IoT, and the vast majority of the field-ready executions. For IoT Day, here are a few recent favorites.

  • Johnson Controls acquired Smartvue, an IoT and video provider that enables cloud video surveillance and IoT video services. The company said that the addition of the Smartvue cloud-based video platform is designed to enhance Johnson Controls’ IIoT offering of an end-to-end, smart cloud based solution that can provide business data and intelligence to customers and add value for partners.
  • Orion Labs, a voice controls platform, unveiled several updates and engagements with industry leaders. These updates are designed to make it easier for IIoT organizations to improve responsiveness and productivity. The updates come at a time where enterprises increasingly look to voice as the interface to access and input information and to trigger time saving automated processes.
  • Honeywell introduced several new capabilities for its Honeywell Vector Occupant App. The new features are designed to give Smart Building occupants more control over their experiences within a building with the swipe of a screen. The most significant new feature is indoor navigation, which uses GPS-like technology to help users find their way around complex buildings that are difficult to navigate without directions. It’s already in use in the Minneapolis Skyway System, a complex interlinked network of enclosed pedestrian walkways spanning 80 city blocks.

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