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GE sues Uptake for poaching executives and trade secrets

By Ally Marotti, the Chicago Tribune

Dec 18, 2018

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Uptake Technologies allegedly has engaged in a “ruthless scheme to poach” executives and trade secrets from General Electric, according to a lawsuit the struggling conglomerate filed Monday against the Chicago-based data analytics firm.

The lawsuit says the alleged “scheme” started roughly a year ago, after Caterpillar and another company ended their investments in Uptake and it laid off about 50 people.

Uptake, launched in July 2014 by Groupon co-founder Brad Keywell, analyzes data from heavy machinery. The company is valued at more than $2 billion and is touted among Chicago’s tech scene, but it has faced headwinds and this year has seen its employee count fluctuate.

To learn more, read "GE lawsuit accuses Uptake of 'ruthless scheme to poach' executives and trade secrets" from the Chicago Tribune.