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Gallery: Nine smart factories light the way to a winning Industry 4.0 strategy

By John Hitch, Industry Week

Nov 27, 2018

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World Economic Forum research found that seven out of 10 manufacturers fail in pushing initiatives in big data analytics, A.I. and additive manufacturing past the pilot phase. A recent IndustryWeek survey also indicated manufacturers are having trouble finding real ways to join the the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

But there is hope all around, the forum asserts. They scoured the planet and after vetting 1,000 manufacturers for the past year, selected nine "lighthouses" that appear to be weathering the storm of change with a solid Industry 4.0 strategy. They announced the nine smart factories in September. Five are in Europe, three in China, and one in the United States. These beacons should serve as a good model for how to successfully implement Industrial Internet of Things solutions that provide tangible financial and operational impact.

See the gallery.