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For the next generation of shipbuilders, shipbuilding goes digital


Apr 23, 2018

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New technology is fueling the shipbuilding industry’s digital transformation. However, shipbuilders and repairers will need to adapt their knowledge. Several Virginia institutions are working to arm these workers with the necessary digital skills. 

Old Dominion University in Norfolk is receiving almost $1.3 million to prepare workers for the new digital manufacturing environment. The funding comes from the Virginia Initiative for Growth and Opportunity in Each Region (GO Virginia), a program promoting job growth throughout the state.

Jennifer Michaeli, an assistant professor of engineering technology at ODU, is leading the university’s digital shipbuilding workforce program, which aims to train approximately 8,500 workers for careers in the industry. “Digital shipbuilding is going to redefine the shipbuilding industry in terms of ‘What skill sets do you need for shipbuilding and ship repair in the future?’” she says.

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