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DENSO manufacturing to add 320 new jobs to Athens plant


Feb 28, 2018

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320 new jobs are coming to Athens, Tennessee as part of a $190 million expansion by DENSO manufacturing.

Officials from DENSO and Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam made the announcement Wednesday morning.

DENSO’s Athens facility manufactures fuel injectors, fuel pumps, oxygen sensors, ignition coils, monolithic carriers and spark plugs.

DENSO says its investment will add four production lines in Athens, increasing the company’s ability to produce and deliver key parts for automakers across North America. The Athens investment will create 320 jobs across production, facility operations, engineering, administration and other skilled-traded positions. DENSO will introduce a new Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) production line, one low-pressure fuel pump line and two high-pressure fuel pump lines.

The company says this is the latest in a series of strategic investments in North America and part of the company’s commitment to make Tennessee a primary manufacturing center. In 2017, DENSO announced a $1 billion investment in its Maryville facility, creating 1,000 jobs focused on electrification and safety systems.

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