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Clark County OH manufacturing firms see early impacts of trade war

By Matt Sanctis, for Springfield News-Sun

Jul 23, 2018

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A survey is showing medium-sized manufacturers across the U.S. are increasingly concerned about the impact of tariffs on their business, but some manufacturing firms in Clark County say they are already seeing higher prices on some raw materials.

Some manufacturers in the region are already noticing higher costs for raw materials, even in some cases from suppliers who are sourced in the U.S. A recent quarterly survey conducted by the National Center for the Middle Market based in Columbus showed midsize manufacturing firms across the U.S. are increasingly concerned about costs associated with the trade war compared to just a few weeks ago, said Thomas Stewart, executive director of the center.

“What you see is a five-fold increase in the number of companies who are concerned about import/export tariffs in distribution,” Stewart said.

At the same time, the tariffs have received bipartisan support from some Democrats including Sherrod Brown, who argued the Trump administration’s tariffs are one tool to address what he called a trade imbalance with China.

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