Industrial Robotics / STEM Education

Chicago all-girls robotics team prepares for national competition

By ABC7 Chicago

Jan 24, 2018

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An all-girls robotics team from Von Steuben High School in the city's North Park neighborhood is making Chicago proud as they prepare for an upcoming national competition.

"For a bunch of them being their first year working in robotics, without any prior experience, I think this alone is an accomplishment," said robotics teacher Manny Aldana.

The girls refine parts of their robot, which picks up cones and stacks them. Using STEM skills, these young women are hooked on engineering.

"I love engineering. I love tools, I love to build, I love that stuff," said Sophia Villacarlos, team member. "It's just like a passion, I love it so much once I get into building stuff I just can't stop."

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