ARC names top 5 technology trends for 2019

By Craig Resnick, ARC Advisory Group

Dec 17, 2018

New technologies continue to make their way onto the plant floor and at an almost dizzying rate. This has both positive and negative effects for those responsible for investigating, implementing, using, and supporting operational technology in industrial, infrastructure, and municipal environments.

On the positive side, it offers the promise of exciting new capabilities to help industrial organizations and smart cities meet their operational challenges. On the negative side, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for to-day’s typically “bandwidth-constrained” operational, maintenance, and engineering staffs to make sense out of it all and zero in on the handful of new technologies and approaches that should be on their respective radars in the coming year.

In 2019, we see further acceleration of the convergence between IT and OT to support the ongoing digital transformation of industry and infrastructure. For example, as baby boomers retire and are replaced by millennials, knowledge transfer is a major challenge. One solution is to deploy augmented reality (AR) technology, where the user sees the real world with information digitally overlaid.

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