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Allied Electronics & Automation adds 360-degree spinning images to online catalog

By Allied Electronics & Automation news release

Aug 14, 2018

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Allied Electronics & Automation is adding product images with a 360-degree spin to its website to help design engineers and maintenance and repair operators find the exact products for their design specs and repair needs.

“We are one of the first online automation and control distributors using this exciting technology,” said Stacey Ostermann, Allied Director of Digital Content. “By posting spinning images to the product pages on our website, we are confirming to our customers that what they see on-screen is exactly what comes out of the box when the product is delivered.”

Allied contracted with Snap36, a provider of comprehensive 360-degree and 3D imagery, to improve a customer’s online shopping experience. Snap36 automates image capture with robotic equipment and workflow software, creating high-quality, high-resolution images for customer viewing. 

For a demonstration of spin imagery, go to

“This is another step in our journey to create the best online experience for our customers,” said Dan Stewart, Allied VP of eCommerce and Marketing. “We know that images are particularly important to the experience our customers have online, and we are leading the way with the most advanced technology available.”

“With the nature of the small-sized products we sell, like connectors and sensors, there is a need to zoom in and check out all sides of an item to make sure that what a customer orders is what is needed for the design or repair,” said Ostermann. “With the addition of spinning images to our online offering, we are demonstrating our understanding of a customer’s needs in a way no other distributor is today.”

Allied has built an in-house photo studio in its warehouse, which is outfitted with robotic photography equipment and workflow software from Snap36. This studio is capable of handling a high volume of 360-degree-spin product photography, uploading images to the Allied website daily.

“We are excited to be working with Allied Electronics & Automation, a visionary leader in the industry, on this strategic, digital-transformation initiative,” commented Jeff Hunt, founder and CEO of Snap36. “Not only is 360-degree imagery moving the revenue needle for online B2B distributors and manufacturers, it also generates customer confidence during the online product research and purchase experience. It is critical for buyers to know they are getting the right part, the first time. It’s a huge win for everyone.”