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What's the future for a manufacturing town like Erie?

By PBS NewsHour

Feb 23, 2017

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Erie County, Pennsylvania, has long been a manufacturing center, but jobs have been declining since the 1970s. 

Says former ironworker Joe Orengia: "It seems like, about the last 15 years, things have really sucked, because a lot of people are leaving the area because the manufacturing jobs have left. There’s no work. And I used to see all these guys walking down the street with their lunch bucket in their hand going to work. Now you see them walking down the street with food stamps."

In collaboration with the NewsHour and Marketplace, Frontline offers a look at the hopes and hardships in regions that voted for President Trump. Jared Bernstein of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and Douglas Holtz-Eakin of American Action Forum talk more with Jeffrey Brown.

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