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Blog: What is the difference between Consumer IoT and Industrial IoT?

By Sandeep Raut, for Simplified Analytics

Feb 27, 2017

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Digital transformation, big data, analytics, IoT, mobility, and cloud are the hottest terms around, with lot of confusion even in mature organizations. This is an effort to simplify the area.

IoT is mostly about human interaction with objects. Devices can alert users when certain events or situations occur or monitor activities:

  • Google Nest sends an alert when temperature in the house dropped below 68 degrees
  • Garage door sensors alert when open
  • Turn up the heat and turn on the driveway lights a half hour before you arrive at your home
  • Meeting room that turns off lights when no one is using it
  • A/C switch off when windows are open

IIoT on the other hand, focus more workers safety, productivity & monitors activities and conditions with remote control functions ability:

  • Drones to monitor oil pipelines
  • Sensors to monitor Chemical factories, drilling equipment, excavators, earth movers
  • Tractors and sprayers in agriculture
  • Smart cities might be a mix of commercial and IIoT

In the future, IoT will continue to enhance our lives as consumers while IIoT will enable efficient management of entire supply chain.

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