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Smartware Group and 5ME partner to drive IIoT-enabled asset monitoring and predictive maintenance

By Smartware Group news release

May 09, 2017

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Smartware Group, producer of the modern Bigfoot CMMS solution for maintenance teams worldwide, has selected 5ME as its preferred asset monitoring partner to deliver enhanced asset visibility and automation across the manufacturing enterprise for predictive maintenance (PdM) leveraging the industrial internet of things (IIoT).

5ME’s Freedom eLOG, a cloud asset monitoring system, works in conjunction with cloud-based Bigfoot CMMS to deliver asset condition monitoring and maintenance activity automation. By deploying Freedom eLOG along with the Bigfoot Integration Suite, Bigfoot users can capture real-time asset data and value-added analytics, from individual machine performance to total production activity, using any web browser.

Specific asset events can be configured to auto-generate PdM actions in Bigfoot, such as corrective and preventive maintenance (PM) work orders and email notifications, based on operating time, temperature fluctuations or other variables. For example, maintenance and reliability teams can now program a machine that runs over a certain quantity of hours to trigger a PM and automatically notify the appropriate personnel via email and on their CMMS dashboard.

Proper PdM can stretch the longevity of assets while reducing the burden on limited labor and time resources. According to a recent survey conducted by Smartware Group in conjunction with Plant Services, only 10 percent of manufacturers perform an ideal percentage of condition-based maintenance, an important stepping stone toward achieving PdM.Smartware Group and 5ME Partner to Make IIoT Asset Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance a Reality for Manufacturers.