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Report: 64% of manufacturers will have fully-connected factories by 2022

By Conner Forrest, for TechRepublic

Aug 02, 2017

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By the year 2022, 64% of manufacturers believe their factories will be fully connected with the latest technologies powering the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), according to a new report from Zebra Technologies.

The report noted that radio frequency identification (RFID) tools, wearables, and automation will have manufacturers build out their smart factories. It should be noted that Zebra Technologies is a provider of connected business solutions, including for the manufacturing industry.

For wearables, around half of the survey respondents said that their firm would be adopting the technology by 2022. Of those currently using wearables, 5% said they planned on increasing their usage in the same time period, the release noted.

In terms of automation, manual processes in manufacturing are expected to decline, the report found. Steps in the manufacturing process are tracked by pen and paper in some 62% of organizations, but that number is expected to drop to roughly 20% in the next five years.

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