Big Data Analytics / Remote Monitoring / IIoT

Remote monitoring and IIoT are becoming industry standards for packaging machinery

By Maria Ferrante, for Packaging Digest

Jan 30, 2017

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Expect a significant rise in use of packaging equipment with remote monitoring and connectivity with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in the next couple of years as it becomes a “must have” to ensure companies remain effective in an increasingly competitive global market.

Gone are the days when remote monitoring technology and IIoT equipment were a luxury in the manufacturing industry. The MPI Group reports “63% of manufacturers have either implemented or are planning to integrate IIoT technologies into their products.”

MPI also predicts that in two years 76% of manufacturers will increase their use of smart devices and other embedded intelligent systems using electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity to enable manufacturing equipment to collect and exchange data via IIoT.

Today, manufacturers incorporate these types of devices in only 25% of their production equipment and processes—so we can expect to see a leap in IIoT technology usage within the next two years.

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