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Puget Sound Electrical JATC wins Fluke Connect Student Contest

By Fluke news release

May 24, 2017

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The team from Puget Sound Electrical JATC has been chosen the winner of the 2016 Fluke Connect® Student Contest, which tests the skills, innovation, and business application of student teams enrolled in two and four year colleges, universities, trade/tech schools, and apprenticeship programs in the United States.

The Puget Sound Electrical JATC team – students Matthew Pulk, Andrew Wissink, Pavel Lutsyuk, and Xerxes Shelly, and advisor Steve Uhrich – used Fluke Connect Wireless Sensors and software to provide the information necessary for re-commissioning a customer's solar photovoltaic system and confirming that the photovoltaic system generated the power anticipated. They compared the Fluke Connect Condition Monitoring Sensors to using traditional handheld power recording meters to demonstrate how electrical service providers can reduce the people-hours and costs associated with this type of testing.

Fluke Connect Condition Monitoring Sensors allow 24/7 access to real time data via the Fluke cloud eliminating the need to constantly return to the customer’s site to download measurements, making the preparation of multiple reports efficient and timely.

“What I liked about the Puget Sound Electrical JATC presentation was they started by demonstrating the simplicity and advantages of Fluke Connect Sensors, such as size, fitting in the cabinet, and easy installation, as well as how much they learned about the system and measurements,” said judge Glen Mazur, author, trainer and former department chair of Joliet Jr. College. “Connecting a meter and getting measurements is only the starting point; understanding the measurement is what determines the problem and system performance. They explained why Fluke Connect Condition Monitoring Sensors are an important part of electrical work and did a very good job making sure electrical safety was always a part of each step.”

The Puget Sound Electrical JATC team and their adviser will visit Fluke headquarters in north Seattle, spending a day meeting with Fluke executive and engineering leadership, touring Fluke engineering and manufacturing, and visiting the Boeing manufacturing facility and Future of Flight Aviation Center next door. The school’s department will also receive $3,500 worth of Fluke tools.