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Perspective: Robots managing robots: Nokia's digital factory of the future

By Jason Bloomberg, president of industry analyst Intellyx, for Forbes

Jun 21, 2017

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Focusing its innovation on its factories as well as its products is a strategic priority for Nokia. “We’re building the factory of the future,” explains Erja Sankari, Head of Oulu Factory at Nokia. “Industry 4.0 includes increased automation, productivity, and use of data.”

Quite a mouthful to be sure – but in spite of all the buzzwords, the Industry 4.0 story begins with automation. Nokia’s base station factory, in fact, sported a number of industrial robots, both for assembling products as well as for putting them in packages.

Installing such robots is only part of the automation story. Nokia also had to change the products to better support such automation. “We’re industrializing our products, which means making them friendly to automated manufacturing,” Sankari says.

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