Preventive Maintenance / Vibration Analysis / Ultrasound / Remote Monitoring

Perspective: Optimizing maintenance for tomorrow

By Saar Yoskovitz, for Manufacturing Business Technology

Feb 22, 2017

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In their attempts to “guarantee” future uptime, facility managers have traditionally relied on preventive maintenance (PM) programs complete with rules and calendar-based methodologies derived from operating metrics. The combination, however, of (relatively) inexpensive machine sensors and cloud computing is giving way to new condition-based maintenance paradigms, enabling facility managers to detect machine malfunctions in real time.

In the past, PM was the only method used to reduce the chance of system failure — until the predictive maintenance (PdM) model appeared. Today, PdM technology provides early fault detection through testing, diagnostics and machine learning to identify and prevent equipment failures. It is also key to optimizing critical HVAC systems, streamlining power usage effectiveness (PUE) and continues to be the main deterrent to overall system failure.

Facility managers and technicians can achieve and sustain healthy machines today and in the future by using continuous monitoring platforms to predict malfunctions, schedule optimal maintenance work, avoid catastrophic failure and streamline efficiencies.

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