Perspective: Millennials have mixed emotions about the future of robotics

By Cathy Engelbert, CEO at Deloitte

Mar 22, 2017

Everyone from young children to experienced professionals is asking the same question: "Are robots going to take my job someday?"

According to Cathy Engelbert, CEO at Deloitte: "Deloitte Global’s latest survey of millennials shows many are asking the same thing. While they recognize the benefits of automation in terms of productivity and economic growth, they also see it providing opportunities for value-added or creative activities, or learning new skills:

  • 40 percent see automation posing a threat to their jobs;
  • 44 percent believe there will be less demand for their skills;
  • 51 percent believe they will have to retrain; and
  • 53 percent see the workplace becoming more impersonal and less human. Which is news that should make every CEO sit up and take notice, given this generation’s use of social media.

At Deloitte, we’ve been welcoming millennials into the firm for about 15 years. Millennials (born in the 80s and 90s) are demanding change. At more than 50 percent of the firm, and with more than a quarter in Deloitte management positions, they’re helping us to think differently about how we engage with our workforce and how we can prepare the next generation for the future of work."

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