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New mathematical model may drive improved maintenance scheduling


Mar 30, 2017

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Maintenance is essential for keeping trains, rails, aircraft, self-driving cars, robots and nuclear power plants in good operating condition and for preventing malfunctions. Researchers at the UT Department of Formal Methods and Tools have developed a new mathematical model for mapping the benefits and costs of maintenance procedures.

This new model ensures greater reliability and lower costs, and can help organizations to decide which maintenance procedures are essential, and to identify procedures where they can save money and resources. Dennis Guck of the UT Department of Formal Methods and Tools recently earned a PhD based on this study.

The model Several organizations have already deployed the model, including ProRail, the Dutch national railway maintenance organization. ProRail's Martijn van Noort had this to say: "We used the UT model to project the maintenance benefits of introducing a new product. It enables us to conduct more reliable cost/benefit analyses, and it's part of the ExploRail programme."

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