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Missouri college creates apprenticeship program for local workforce

By Corbin Kottmann, for Rolla Daily News

Feb 21, 2017

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Computer technology, health care, construction and high-skill manufacturing account for nearly 54 percent of the American labor market, according to the National Skills Coalition. Unfortunately, only 44 percent of workers are sufficiently trained for those high-demand jobs.

East Central College (ECC) is trying to buck that trend. Thanks to an $87,000 grant from the Missouri Division of Workforce Development, the college will soon build an apprenticeship program.

Statewide in Missouri, there are nearly 6,500 manufacturing facilities that need highly skilled workers.

"We know employers in the area are faced with a skills gap," said Mardy Leathers, Workforce Development executive director. "We want to provide both the academic education needed for the workforce and the hands-on skills to land a job in their companies."

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