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Microsoft adds location awareness to its Azure IoT app development platform

By Mark Kaelin, for TechRepublic

Dec 18, 2017

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One of the more important aspects of IoT—and particularly important in a business environment marked by ever-increasing mobility—is location awareness. Enterprises need to not only know what data their smart devices are collecting but also where they are collecting it. This is one of the reasons Microsoft announced a new Azure service at the AutoMobility LA conference in November 2017.

The public preview of Azure Location Based Services is available now and constitutes Microsoft's continuing commitment to brand Azure as the de facto cloud platform for enterprise development of IoT applications.

With Azure Location Based Services, Microsoft is maneuvering Azure into position as the standard development platform for what it has dubbed the "Location of Things." Through the new service, developers can build mobility, asset tracking, and other geospatial applications that provide useful insights through one dashboard.

With mobility and the ability to track assets becoming more important to enterprises as they look for ways to save fuel costs and power consumption, the development of location aware applications requires an intelligent platform. Azure Location Based Services provides frameworks for APIs, maps, geocoding, traffic monitoring, and routing computations that can make application development quicker and more efficient.

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