Fluid Handling

May River Capital, Hunt Valve Company acquire Precision Technology

By Hunt Valve news release

Feb 22, 2017

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May River Capital and Hunt Valve Company have broadened their engineered products portfolios, which primarily serves the attractive defense vertical, by purchasing the assets of Precision Technology, a severe duty, solutions-based designer, manufacturer and supplier of linear motion actuators for automation, machinery, material handling and positioning applications.

Precision Technology will be rebranded Hunt Valve Company - Actuator Division. This first add-on for the company complements Hunt Valve’s severe duty, fluid power engineering solutions for military and industrial customers.

Precision Technology specializes in electro-mechanical actuation with a wide range of rod-less and rod-style linear actuators, screw jacks, linear tables, and custom motion control solutions. Its core industrial products include the highly-regarded WIESEL™ and VICTORY Series. In addition, Precision Technology is able to customize its systems to meet the varying needs of the commercial and defense markets, including the rigorous demands of the U.S. Navy’s newest Ford Class Aircraft Carrier Program.

“The acquisition of Precision Technology’s assets expands Hunt Valve’s fluid power technology. As the Experts in Extreme Engineering, this extends our expertise as we move into the motion control segment and allows us to capitalize on the change from hydraulic and pneumatic to electro-mechanical actuation technologies in applications requiring heavier loads, longer run lengths, faster speeds and precise positioning. An example of this trend is the use of electro-mechanical actuation to replace hydraulics in severe duty applications aboard the U.S. Navy’s new Ford Class aircraft carriers,” explains Brad Sterner, Hunt Valve’s president and CEO. “The first use of the synergies created by this acquisition is the incorporation of electro-mechanical technology into Hunt’s new Proportional Control Descale Valves used in the Primary Metals processing market. Combining motion control and our valve expertise has created simplified, cost-effective solutions for our customers.”