Changing Workforce / Career Development

Making manufacturing cool again

By the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript (Peterborough, NH)

Oct 10, 2017

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“I had no intention of taking out loans for college. None,” said Gregory, 21, of Antrim. “You can’t guarantee a good-paying job out of college.”

So Gregory turned his high school internship at Graphicast in Jaffrey into a full-time job and he takes part-time classes toward an online degree in mathematics at Thomas Edison State College.

Val Zanchuk, president of Graphicast, says it takes time to find young people interested in giving manufacturing jobs a try. It takes a lot of outreach to find new employees, says Zanchuk, who chairs the board of directors at the New Hampshire Manufacturing Extension Partnership, which created a manufacturing month (in October) to spread awareness of the industry and its jobs.

The organization also started a workforce development team, part of the organization’s effort to get companies involved with local school districts.

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