Changing Workforce

Maintenance workers to join picketers at Holten Meat

By Bryce Gray, for St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Mar 28, 2017

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More workers at the Holten Meat plant in Sauget, IL have joined the ranks of those picketing at the facility since last Saturday.

The plant's roughly 15 maintenance workers joined the strike on Monday, according to United Food and Commercial Workers Local 655 spokesman Collin Reischman. The group worked under a separate contract at the site that expired Monday morning.

Approximately 250 plant workers are already on strike, protesting what union representatives say is a matter of job mobility, with night-shift workers not eligible to use seniority in bids for day-shift openings that often go to new hires.

Reischman said Holten never offered a contract extension to the maintenance workers. He said the union does not intend to address their separate labor agreement until the plant's contract dispute with other workers is resolved, though there's no current indication of when that may be.

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