Changing Workforce / STEM Education

In Ohio, a new website looks to connect manufacturers, schools

By Crain's Cleveland Business

Nov 30, 2017

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A new website will connect manufacturers and Lake and Geauga county schools in Ohio, helping students learn about the opportunities available in the industry and companies prepare the next generation of workers.

NextWork, which was started under the direction of the Wickliffe City School District, is just one of many programs working to close the skills gap in manufacturing. The approach NextWork is taking is a collaborative one that allows companies and schools to get involved at whatever level works best for them.

NextWork grew out of Wickliffe City School District's workforce and career development program, which helps students in fourth through 12th grades connect with resources ranging from classroom speakers to job fairs to shadowing and internship opportunities. The idea is to get them to think about what comes after high school, said superintendent Joe Spiccia.

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