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In New York, community college hopes advanced manufacturing institute draws employers to region

By North Country Public Radio (Canton, NY)

Oct 05, 2017

There's a lot of excitement at Clinton Community College in Plattsburgh. The school's Institute for Advanced Manufacturing is now open for business.

It's a place where students can get hands-on training in a high-tech factory environment. It's meant to create a pool of highly skilled workers and attract new employers to the region.

Garry Douglas of the local chamber of commerce said he hears a lot of manufacturing companies saying they’d come to the North Country if only there was a bigger workforce or a better way to train people. He spoke directly to those companies.

“You’ve had legitimate complaints about workforce skills," he said. "‘Oh golly gosh, I wish we had more of this, I wish we had more of that. Why doesn’t somebody.’ Now it’s up to you. We built it. We created it, with your guidance. It’s what you asked for. Use it.”

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