Changing Workforce / Industrial Robotics

How a robot is changing manufacturing at a Massachusetts factory

By WBUR (Boston)

Oct 31, 2017

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"Trying to find people that want to do this work is very, very challenging," Josh Weissman said in an interview in his office, surrounded by furniture all made in his factory. "We're lucky if we put an ad out there, if we get five or six responses."

And, of those five or six, he insists not all of the applicants will pass a drug test or have a consistent work history.

"But the work still has to get done," Weissman said. "We have customers that still expect to receive their product."

One day last year, Weissman had a backlog of customer orders to fulfill, and he was getting worried about whether his company would be able to meet the demand.

He began surfing the internet during lunch and came across news about a company called Rethink Robotics, whose mission is to create "smart, collaborative" robots.

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