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Half of millennials could be competing with robots for jobs

By Danielle Paquette, for The Washington Post

May 03, 2017

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About half of millennials looking for work are interested in jobs that carry a risk of automation, a new study suggests.

The findings indicate the youngest and most educated generation in the American workforce isn’t necessarily more robot-proof than older workers, who tend to be portrayed as the primary victims of automation.

“Millennials show a considerable amount of interest in occupations that face a threat of automation,” said Daniel Culbertson, an economist at the Indeed Hiring Lab, the research institute attached to the international job site, and the author of the report. “That gets lost when people talk about millennials being so highly educated and more interested in tech roles.”

A college degree doesn't protect against robot rivals because even well-paid, highly skilled jobs could shrink or vanish in the near future, he said. Recent graduates who land high salaries aren't impervious if their job is characterized by repetitive tasks and decisions.

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