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Grant looks at what IoT could do for Cleveland manufacturing

By Julie Washington, for The Plain Dealer

Nov 16, 2017

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How can Cleveland manufacturing companies take advantage of the coming Internet of Things (IoT) revolution? A program grant from the National Science Foundation will help a West Side neighborhood find out.

A Northeast Ohio team, including faculty and staff at Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland State University, received a $100,000 one-year planning grant from the National Science Foundation to determine what the Internet of Things will mean for small and mid-sized businesses in the Bellaire-Puritas, Jefferson and West Park neighborhoods.

Cleveland's Internet of Things project will explore how IoT could solve problems for small to mid-sized manufacturers, and open up new career paths, said Lisa Camp, associate dean of strategic initiatives at the Case School of Engineering. She is also a member of Cleveland's grant leadership team.

The target communities include about 190 companies, most with fewer than 50 employees, that make nuts and bolts, prosthetics, security systems, school uniforms and more.

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