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GE Predix IIoT to offer integrated field service / asset performance management

By Doug Black, Enterpise Tech

Jun 15, 2017

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This week at GE’s Minds + Machines conference in Berlin, GE and ServiceMax announced the integration of the cloud-based ServiceMax field service management (FSM) solution with GE’s predictive, AI-based Asset Performance Management (APM) portfolio on GE’s Predix Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform.

ServiceMax, acquired in January by GE, was named one of the two co-leaders (along with Oracle Field Service Cloud) in Gartner Group’s field service management Magic Quadrant report last November.

“We’re taking advantage of the power of the Predix platform,” said Dave Yarnold, CEO of ServiceMax in a phone interview with EnterpriseTech, “to transform how companies predict, manage and service equipment through the entire asset lifecycle. Understanding the data, coming up with strategies around the data and then the ability to take all that info, make predictions about maintenance and service, and then pass that over to a service execution system… We’re leveraging both of these solutions (ServiceMax and APM), bringing them together for something that’s not been done before in the asset operations space.”

Yarnold said within typical industrial service models, companies can’t combine insights from data with actions in real time, resulting in unplanned downtime that has significant impact on industrial productivity. He said the intent of the ServiceMax-APM integration on Predix is to shift from a “reactive, break/fix service model to a predictive model.”

The combined FSM-APM offering will automatically collect and analyze service data from predictive maintenance needs to failure information and recommended work actions, while providing scheduling capabilities and matching customers’ service workforces with their service needs.

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