Supply Chain Management

Case study: Elevator-type conveyors optimize floor space, cleanliness for medical product packager

By Lisa Eitel, for Design World

Jan 31, 2017

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A production line centered around conveyors is helping one medical-device manufacturer boost production of sterile product.

CooperSurgical is a maker of diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices to women’s healthcare providers. Recently the manufacturer turned to QC Industries to set up a new production line that maintains the cleanliness required for packaging medical products, but with high throughput in a tight plant footprint.

Engineers from QC Industries worked closely with the CooperSurgical team to develop this system. Ultimately the engineers designed an installation that uses several QC Industries conveyors. Then CooperSurgical took the lead to design and build an automation system to make optimal use of the equipment.

One unique design element of the installation is something that QC Industries and CooperSurgical devised together — an elevator-type conveyor to move product vertically without taking up floor space. Here, QC Industries engineers customized the elevator-type conveyor to take large bins up to an overhead track of conveyors that moves finished and collected product towards shipping while doubling as storage space.

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